CPA Australia X Pitcher Partners NFP podcast series

March 6, 2019

In partnership with CPA Australia, our Melbourne firm is proud to release a five-part podcast series where we discuss some of the key issues for those working in the Not-for-Profit space, covering a different topic each podcast including advisory boards, CFOs, cybersecurity, cash as an investment, and investment policies.

Episode 1 - Things to consider when joining the board of an NFP

Matthew Pringle, Partner, sits down with Wendy Lewis CPA, Executive Officer for the Collier Charitable Fund, to discuss why someone would want to join the board of a NFP; what you need to know about the organisation and the other board members before joining; how to find out and assess the risks involved, including personal exposure; how to assess what you bring to the board and what is expected of you; the difference between governance and management when on a board; and how to know how long you'll be on the board for. Listen here.

Episode 2 - The NFP CFO of the future

Mark Harrison, Partner, together with Mel Yates FCPA, Director of the Reporting, Red Tape Reduction and Corporate Services at the Australian Charities and Not‐for‐Profits Commission, explore the overarching role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in a Not-for-Profit (NFP) Organisation; the changing responsibilities of a CFO in the NFP space; future trends for NFP CFOs; CFOs as advisers to the organisation; what a CFO does when there are limited resources to support them to be advisers; where current NFP CFOs need to upskill; how technology has and will impact a CFO's role; who NFP CFOs work with; and where CFOs in NFP organisations can find information and advice. Listen here.

Episode 3 - The real threat of a cybersecurity breach

Krist Davood, Principal, joins Drew Fenton CPA, an experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry, to break down how 'real' the threat of cybersecurity is for NFPs; how to know when there has been a breach; what key areas of cybersecurity NFPs should look at first; what kind of measures to put in place; what technology or people are needed; how to know if measures put in place to protect an organisation are working; how to monitor and report on cybersecurity; and how to communicate about safety and data to clients or members. Listen here.

Episode 4 - Moving beyond cash: Increasing returns without taking unnecessary risk

Andrew Gillon, Senior Investment Advisor, takes a seat with Murray Wyatt FCPA, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Morrows, to share what cash is and what its key characteristics are, as an investment; what affects it's value; what type of returns can be expected in uncertain markets; what short and long term returns on cash have been in Australia; how to improve returns above the cash rate; alternatives to cash; how to know when you're getting it right if you step awa yfrom cash; and whether cash is a good investment in low interest rate, highly-destructed world markets, which are extremely volatile. Listen here.

Episode 5 - How to set and implement your investment policy

Victoria Lindores, Senior Advisor, together with Jason Bertalli CPA, Director of Franchise and Business Services at BNR Partners, discuss what an investment policy is; its administrative and strategic functions; how to begin forming one; how to get the appropriate risk and return balance right; why making a strategy for decision is so important; what to consider to run an investment advice tender; what the payoff is for implementing a comprehensive investment policy; more information on responsible investing; and what to look for as a new director or manager at a NFP. Listen here.

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