Kylee Byrne


Partner/Executive Director - Business Advisory and Assurance

   +613 8610 5292

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Professional Background

Kylee has made a career of providing sound, quality business assurance and advice to clients, enabling them to make the right business decisions based on informed commercial judgements.

Kylee brings to the client's table an indepth understanding of what drives their business and how these drivers can impact on business and financial goals, based on more than 18 years providing audit and business advice across a variety of industry sectors

Industry Experience

  • Food and Agribusiness
  • Funds management
  • Not for profit
  • Property
  • Retail

Memberships & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (Swinburne University of Technology)
  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA)

Articles Published

ASIC announces focus areas for 31 December 2018

22nd August 2019

Kylee Byrne

On 3 December 2018, ASIC announced its focus areas for 31 December 2018 financial statements of listed and other public interest entities. It is n...

Have your say on proposed changes to NFP financial reporting

22nd October 2018

Kylee Byrne

A new proposal to remove the concept of a ‘reporting entity’ has the potential to significantly impact the way in which not-for-profit entitie...

Financial Reporting and Accounting Newsletter - January 2016

25th August 2017

Kylee Byrne

Most entities lease one or more assets for use in their business. The most common examples are the lease of office premises, equipment and vehicle...

Financial reporting and accounting newsletter - May 2015

17th August 2017

Kylee Byrne

* disclosure of the entity’s Corporate Governance Statement in its annual report or on the entity’s website; * specific new disclosure req...

Top 8 ASIC Focus Areas for 31 December 2014

17th August 2017

Kylee Byrne

In recent years ASIC’s surveillance has focused more and more on material disclosures of information useful to investors and others using financ...

Financial Reporting Newsletter June 2017

17th July 2017

Kylee Byrne

1) Accounting estimates - Impairment testing and asset values 2) Accounting policy choices - Revenue recognition 3) Accounting policy choices - ...

ASIC crackdown on Pty Co audits

7th June 2017

Kylee Byrne

In recent weeks, ASIC has issued formal requests to a significant number of proprietary companies requesting directors to confirm whether, for the...

Accounting for share-based payments

28th April 2017

Kylee Byrne

The newsletter addresses why AASB 2 /Share-based Payment/ exists in the first place, the scope of AASB 2, as well as some practical examples of th...

Contract Costs and AASB 15 Revenue From Contracts With Customers

9th November 2016

Kylee Byrne

.. 1.    Costs of Obtaining Contracts with Customers Entities can incur a range of up-front costs in negotiating and securing contracts with c...

Do you know what your auditor should tell you?

8th November 2016

Kylee Byrne

This checklist has been prepared by Pitcher Partners for use by those charged with governance, for example, directors, members of audit and risk ...

Response to ACNC Options Paper

8th November 2016

Kylee Byrne

Pitcher Partners lodged the submission below on the Options Paper. Pitcher Partners supports the existence of the ACNC. The return of certain regu...

Services & Specialisations

Accounting and Business Advisory

Accounting and Business Advisory

Information in business is the key to being able to make the right decisions at the right ...

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Audit, Risk Management and Assurance

Audit, Risk Management and Assurance

Pitcher Partners has a strong reputation for providing quality independent audit and assur...

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