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Whether it’s a matrimonial dispute or a shareholder’s dispute, or a loss of profits claim, often the argument is about value: the value of the business; the value of the matrimonial assets; the value that is being given up by one of the parties.

Obtaining appropriate independent valuation and forensics advice early in the process is integral to potentially alleviating significant legal costs associated with long, drawn-out disputes.

Our clients know we recognise the importance of receiving independent advice – which is why we have dedicated a team of valuation and forensics specialists to service their needs.

Clients rely on the confidence we provide in producing independent expert reports that are robust and appropriately supported with research and analysis whilst at the same time being cognizant of commercial factors and their impact on value or calculation of loss.

At Pitcher Partners, our Valuations & Forensics experts specialise in:

Dispute Resolution

As long as there are two sides to every argument, disputes will need to be resolved. Our clients want to know that when they put their case forward they can do so with confidence and certainty - to maximise their chances of a successful outcome and resolution.

Clients know they can rely on our independent advice and that it is based on sound commercial principles, honed from many years of cumulative experience.

The financial insights we bring to the table will help settle disputes as efficiently, expeditiously and effectively as possible. Where possible, we try to resolve disputes before they get to court, but in the event litigation commences, our valuations, investigations and reports will stand up to the most rigorous of judicial reviews.

The types of disputes that we assist our clients resolve, or settle, include:

  • Matrimonial matters
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Commercial disputes including loss of profit claims, insurance claims, IP disputes
  • Compulsory acquisitions

Fraud Investigations

There are many areas where clients are vulnerable to fraudulent activity:

  • Insurance claims
  • Technology (e-fraud in particular is a burgeoning area of criminal activity)
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Embezzlement

Clients know by working with us they will have the confidence and trust that we will provide the requisite evidence to support their claim or case. They draw on our experience to address the complexities demonstrated by those wishing to conceal information or assets and to seek and portray a true position of the facts.

Compulsory Acquisitions of Land

When an asset is compulsorily acquired for the greater good of the state/nation, achieving a fair and equitable value can be difficult, as personal agendas and government interests will often conflict.

Obtaining an objective, independent valuation is often in the best interests of all parties concerned, and our clients have come to respect our rigorous reviews, processes and methodologies incorporated in determining the value of the business in question – to the satisfaction of all.

Corporate Valuations

In addition to the above forensic and litigation valuation services, we also prepare valuations to support corporate transactions whether it be for acquiring or divesting a business or restructuring.

In addition to accessing our valuation reports in the context of acquiring or divesting assets or businesses, clients seek our assistance in:

  • Preparing purchase price allocation reports for the purposes of booking intangible assets in their financial statements. In doing so, our clients are able to draw on our commercial experience to identify and value the material intangible assets.
  • Providing a valuation report in the context of an employee share scheme or option plan.
  • Supporting tax structuring and tax return preparation with a valuation which meets the specific legislative requirements and which will satisfy a critique by the tax office and the State Revenue Office.
  • Preparing independent expert reports which assess whether a transaction is fair and reasonable for the purposes of takeovers, schemes of arrangement, compulsory acquisitions or acquisitions or disposals of a substantial asset.

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